International Transport


Our company has been providing road transportation services since the end of the 1980s. Owing to our gradual and continuous development we have been able to roll to help with international road transportation as well for almost 20 years. We seek to provide services over the average with our special superstructure vehicles (38/40 euro palette) and our helpful attitude. If we want to gain a long-term advantage in the competition with concurrent companies, it is a key issue to continuously meet the customers’ requirements. We should do it in a way that the customer could state: they had acquired an extra value with our service.. To gain this advantage we must know who our customers are, what the requirements are what services we can provide from the customer’s point of view and what the concurrent companies can provide. The transportation costs take 50 to 60 per cent of the logistic costs of companies. In order to keep competitiveness, one must reduce the costs. We provide help with this. Why exactly us? We are Faster : a fast conformity to our customers’ needs, the changes in needs, delivery time, deadlines, flexibility for you. Better: high-quality service, safety for you. Cheaper: our vehicles are efficiently utilized, lower expenses for you. than our competitors. Our company is a member of the Hungarian Road Transportation Association and the NIT. Our vehicles have 100,00 USD CMR liability insurance

Road services:

  • Inland transportation 
  • International transportation 
  • Forwarding Storage ( sq. m. of area) 
  • Transportaition of containers

The standard of our service is determined by the following:

Duration of transportation: the duration from the loading of the goods to the delivery to the addressee (so that your business partner would be satisfied with you.)
Flexibility of service: ability to conform to the changes in the customer’s needs immediately (so that you could be flexible towards you business partner)
Quality of service: (so that you could guarantee to your business partner)Our dispatchers and drivers provide services of the highest quality to complete your orders efficiently and so that you would find it worth returning to us. Delivery of your goods to the destination without any damage Getting to know our customers’ requirements
Reliability of service: strictly keeping the deadlines (so that you would be reliable in the eyes of your business partners)
Accessibility, politeness, credibility.


– end of the 1980s: Our company began its operation by doing inland transportation of goods, road construction and covering areas with concrete.
– 1990: International transportation of goods became a part of our activities. At this time we had 3 semi trailers of 13.6 m to meet our customers’ requirements, mainly to Italian, Spanish and Greek partners. – Since June 1993 our company has been known as Inker Bt. Its headquarters are in Martfű, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. The owners purchased 3 big trucks of 22 metrical tons of loading weight with trailers of large volume; their internal height is 3 metres and they are capable of transporting 40 euro palettes.
– 2000/2001: After all this the company invested into 3 more semi-trailers and the existing 3 trucks with large volume trailers were replaced with new ones.
– 2003/2005: The management decided to purchase only trucks with large-volume trailers, since the competition had become closer for the 13.6 trucks in Hungary.
– In 2007 we provide our services with 17 trucks of different sizes